Waking up to a delivery of flowers has to be the most lovely experience in the world. Isn’t it ridiculous how cut flowers can bring such joy to a person’s mood? I once read a quote which explained how people tend to receive more flowers at their funeral, compared to their entire life. Though this is a little depressing, it is quite true and it is a reminder why we need to practice gratitude. Thoughtfulness and kind gestures are something which sets apart the selfless from the selfish.

With Christmas approaching, the true meaning is to give to others and be thankful for the loved ones you have around you. With the modern-day turning the world into a whirlwind of commercialism, it can often seem quite difficult to ignore the temptations. I am sure I am not alone when I say that, on numerous occasions, I have set out to buy gifts for others and ended up with an entire basket full of items I want for myself.

As I get older, I realise that the beauty of Christmas is about the small things that are sweet and carry sentimental meaning for someone. If you are restricted by finances, why not turn to arts and crafts. Simple things like making your own Christmas cards are a wonderful gesture to loved ones. I have made my Grandma a Christmas card every year of my life and she keeps all of them. I have still kept my ‘Alice Company’ logo on the back that I designed when I was 7 years old. Got to stay true to my brand right? I will be doing a rose gold and floral arts and crafts festive blog post next week so stay tuned for that!

The flowers I received from Penelope Treats would make the perfect Christmas gift and trust me, they smell utterly wonderful. Another idea is taking your loved ones for a festive afternoon tea. For a special touch, why not bake a bag of personalised Christmas cookies and or gingerbread men. Alternatively, if your baking is limited, why not buy some ready made ones that you can decorate.

In the photos above I am wearing shoes from Koi footwear that are completely adorable and highly affordable! You can find the exact shoes here!

Anyway, happy Christmas shopping all!