I wanted to give some insight into the world of authenticity amongst life as a content creator. I most certainly naturally transitioned into this field and luckily, due to my pre-existing strong aesthetical preferences, my brand evolved without any intentional direction. One thing I learned exceedingly early on, is the destabilizing effect creative professions can have on us. It is tremendously difficult to not succumb to the pressure of the masses; what everyone else is doing including trends and celebrity culture. I often have to remind myself of the vitality of staying true to myself, even if I may differ from others and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is something I try to take in my stride in a liberating and uplifting fashion.

We need to be authentic, speak sincerely and openly without judgment. We must listen thoughtfully, act compassionately and love. Always love, as what we bring to life becomes our life. This philosophy of life should be applied in all dynamics of how we live. Here are some tips that will hopefully benefit you:

1.) Be Unique

It is so important to be unique and this can be achieved by simply being yourself and not trying to conform to please others. As an influencer, you want to be as authentic to who you are as possible. Your audience will be intrigued by your style, your words, your perception of the world, your hardships and your successes. The most loyal and frankly, sweetest, audiences are ones that accept you for your whole self. It can be a truly toxic dynamic when one’s social image is a facade so for this reason, I stress, BE YOU! Trust me, you will be appreciated. I think perfection is an overrated concept so seeing imagery that is different from the masses is more inspiring and is more memorable.

2.) Consistence

The logistics of life as a creator mean that we do need to formulate some kind of system that enables us to have a framework to follow. Posting consistently is important. Yet, for the sake of engagement, little updates are sometimes all that is needed rather than continuous strains of doing new photoshoots every single day. We have all heard of the social media ‘burn out’ that people endure. If you are not familiar, it is quite literally when one feels the pressures to post and their entire life is governed around the prospect of content. This needs to be avoided. It is all about BALANCE and a realistic framework and expectations should mean that everything stays intact!

3.) Brand Image

It is important to be fully aware of your brand image and this should be innately weaved into everything you do so it is identifiable and memorable. You must ask yourself the purpose of your channels or blog; what your goals are, how do you wish to influence, what is your focus? Then you must reign into the specific detailing. Your theme, chosen colours and typography, graphics and lightroom presets should all be interlinked to keep a consistent brand image.

As an example, the goal of my channels is to expose fragile and feminine aesthetics. I have always had a deep sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature; this is subsequently incorporated in my photos in an ethereal way.

4.) Define Your Voice
I believe that it is important to be as pure, genuine and true to yourself as humanly possible. After all, being relatable is highly appealing and creates a more intimate relationship with your followers based on trust and likeability. Remember, your voice is your power so do not silence it!

5.) Have Courage

Have courage in yourself and your ideas. If you have the courage to start, you have achieved the hardest step, you will continue to fearlessly move forwards and achieve goal after goal. We live in a world where too many of us are burdened mainly by our own self-doubting internal dialogues. I, at least, felt that for many years of my life, continuously not starting my dreams because I was already convinced I was going to fail. A positive mindset and self-belief are the ingredients for progress.

“The hardest step she ever had to take was to blindingly trust in who she was.”

Remember that our dreams do not happen overnight but with each minute that goes by, we are hopping from stepping stone to stepping stone, getting closer to our final destination. I believe all of us withhold the power, knowledge and insight to achieve anything we want to. Believe!

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