I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Caramel London – a phenomenal and chic restaurant located within walking distance of Chelsea’s King’s Road. The interior design of the restaurant is utterly exquisite with an art deco theme, black and gold walls, marble tables and the most beautiful, surreal lighting. It won an award for Leisure Interior London by Bishop Design LLC and gosh, I can see why!

Caramel is beyond perfect for a romantic date night, it offers you the opportunity to get dressed up, put on your heels, add some red lipstick and add a touch of classic glamour to your night! The atmosphere is exceedingly relaxing and the staff make you feel utterly at home.

The outfit I wore is one of my favourites, the playsuit is from River Island last year and is made from a lovely chiffon fabric with lots of frills. I pair it with some Mary Jane light pink shoes from Marks and Spencer, a handbag from Accessorize and a diamond pearl hair band to give a chic and classic look.

Now to tell you about my out of this world experience at Caramel, which will no doubt leave you all desperate to book a table right away! After being warmly greeted, I walked to the bar and started my evening off with a cocktail: A Pink Lady and a The Something Red. Both were so scrumptious – I mean, if I was not terrible at handling my alcohol, I could happily have the cocktail pumped into my veins on a permanent basis. Yet, I have not even told you the best part… The Pink Lady cocktail is an experience in itself; it arrived with a cocktail glass full with clouds of beautiful pink candy floss, the waiter then added the cocktail mixture to the candyfloss allowing it to dissolve into the most mindblowing drink. I’ve never seen anything like it, I was truly blown away. I will be sure to be posting the videos of this on my Instagram stories so check it out.

We were in complete and utter bliss as the menu is ideal for sharing and tasting allowing you to try a vast variety of flavours. As you can see in the photos, we ordered quite a banquet, so if you are like us and lack willpower and want to try everything, then this is the place for you! We had the Grilled Lamb Cutlets with a 10-hour marinade, honey and Siracha, the Miso Glazed Black Cod Bites with pickled Daikon & carrot, Crisp Kataifi filo, the Sashimi Flat Bread with Sushi, Grade Tuna, Ponzu Mayo, Truffle Oil, A Halloumi Salad and some Nachos. Food heaven!

After devouring the dinner, we opted to order some more drinks (a Sandstorm Cocktail and a Caramel Fizz) and sat at the bar, admiring the beautiful environment we were in. I felt a little bit like I was thrown in a scene from the Great Gatsby minus the tragic ending of course. In fact, the end of the meal was the most amazing part – the desert – hell to the yah.

Now can we all take a long moment to dreamily admire the craftsmanship of these spectacular desserts? They are honestly such works of art and if I could relive eating them, I totally would. We had a lemon sorbet, a popcorn cheesecake and an aesthetically pleasing and equally delicious dessert of candyfloss and chocolate icecreams.

I think Caramel London Restaurant is quite possibly the most romantic environment and I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to have a memorable experience in London!