It is that time of year where it is becoming more and more acceptable to reference Christmas in every conversation or in my case, every single sentence. Since being in adulthood, the lead up to Christmas is certainly the most riveting part of the season. Being provided with the excuse to eat all sorts of heavenly dishes, drink unlimited amounts of champagne, mulled wine and generally overindulge in full-on gluttony is actually deemed acceptable – hurrah for Father Christmas, such a saviour!

If you are like me and you are continually trying to think of cute Christmas things to do with loved ones then this blog post is for you! We all are aware of the phenomenal reputation of Nobu – now imagine Nobu, with Christmas tree and festively themed cakes…*dances with joy*

Nobu, is officially the worlds most recognised Japanese restaurant known for its innovative new style cuisine pioneered and created by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The Shoreditch location is one of the most popular venues attracting a hip crowd including a lot of celebrity attention! The interior of the entire establishment is truly out of this world, oozing with chic and classy vibes in the heart of East London.

The lounge area is the where the Festive Afternoon Teas are located, with tailored upholstery, Japanese inspired screens, private booths and the alluring glow of the fireplace creates the most divine ambience and intimate setting. Starting with a glass of prosecco with the glorious backdrop of the festively decorated hotel, you really do feel like you are in a whole other reality. It feels truly magical and it definitely heightens your Christmas excitement.

The menu for the afternoon tea is a true sprinkle of magic and I highly recommend you feast on everything as it is all beyond delicious! The savoury aspect of the Christmas afternoon tea includes Beef tenderloin on a multigrain roll with schichimi miso mustard, Snow Crab tempura creamy spicy with ikura on shokupan bun and my personal favourite which was the Tofu bun with truffle tofu cream & pickled tomato. The flavours of Nobu are really the main reason why the food is so highly regarded – it is difficult to explain the extent of how high the quality of the food is via writing and if only there was a way for you to be virtually able to taste the heavenly mouthfuls of pure bliss!

Stephan Jauslin, the assistant manager for food and beverage at Nobu was vastly informative, incredibly charming and helpful – it makes such a difference when you can see the passion individuals have for the food of the industry. Due to dietary dairy restrictions, Stephan was able to give us a plate of Sushi and fish dishes which were mind-blowingly spectacular also. I think we just need to face that every single dish is going to be better than anything we have eaten before – the quality of the fish was outstanding and I truly recommend all Sushi lovers to stop what you are doing right this second and book a reservation to see for yourself.Just look at it *drools*.

Now let’s move on to my forte, desserts. Fellow sweet tooth individuals will be in complete and utter heaven and hopefully will not be too tormenting by the closeup photos I have taken. My favourite of the desserts were the Coconut Snowball with white chocolate ganache which was the perfect balance on the palate without being too sickly. I also utterly adored the Rudolph Chocolate tart with cremoso, the Santa Clause whisky macaroon, the maraschino cherry & chocolate Christmas tree, the gingerbread ganache sphere and finally the snowflake yuzu tart. All were extraordinary and decorated in such a sweet, fun-loving way!

Due to the vast amount of flavours and variety in the Christmas Afternoon Tea at Nobu this year, it means that there will be something for everyone. For £30 per person, how on earth can you say no?

I honestly had the most sublime experience at Nobu, it is well and truly one of my favourite restaurants in London. I hope to go to Nobu hotel in the near future as I am completely in awe of the entire Nobu brand! Maybe one day I will be able to tick off all of Nobu’s prestigious establishments in the other 22 locations! Please check out my stories on my instagram for video snippets of my surreal Christmas experience! That’s all for now…