My quest to find London’s most charming hidden treasures starts with Feya cafe which is perfectly situated by St Christopher’s Place in Marylebone. The queues of eager and exceptionally dressed people stand as testimony for Freya’s whirlwind popularity and subsequent success.

The cafe is consciously designed, with thorough consideration of lighting, colour choice and overall ambience. With the vast majority of us fueled by digital consumption, the aesthetics of environments are fundamental in influencing our choices of where to eat. Feya triumphantly delivers in all areas; for their excellent interior, and, regarding the highly imaginative and art award-worthy dishes themselves.

Here I am enjoying a smoothie.

The appearance of Feya is wholly enchanting, quaint and perfectly feminine in a sophisticated kind of way. The Japanese cherry blossom installation makes you feel as if you have fallen into an Alice in Wonderland tea party. There is a dusky pastel pink theme, marble tables with copper furnishings and cutlery. There is so much attention to detail meaning that every corner of the room is highly snapable.

When you first walk in you are tempted by the display of hand-crafted exquisite-looking desserts. It is clear that the founder, Zahra, has an unmistakable passion for creating quirky food that takes you to another dimension, with added nutritional value and presented in a delicate, artistic, painterly way. The curator of the breakfast menu has created a pure mastery of a menu and I hereby say, it is one of the best brunch menu’s I have ever seen as it is a pure visual treat.

Even the smoothies are made with a lot of love; the appearance of all the dishes left me feeling quite inspired to be more inventive and creative in the kitchen.

I decided to have the Pinky Promise for brunch which is vegan and gluten-free free made from pink porridge, berries, coconut chips, pecans, pumpkin seeds and edible flowers. It was almost too pretty to eat!

I could not decide between both the dishes above so I persuaded my partner to have the avocado toast so I could steal some off of him… (it did not involve much persuasion if any at all, surprise, surprise). How could anyone say no? The Rose Avo Toast is an alternative spin on the classic duo that we all know and adore. Once you taste the diverse flavours and are hit with the visual feast of opulent colours, you will never go back to your plain avocado on toast ways. It is made from toast with Beet Hummus giving it a lovely pink colour, avocado rose, sesame seeds, mustard cress and edible flowers. You can also add a poached egg or smoked salmon. I would award it a 10 out of 10 for making my mouth water.

For a naughty dessert, we were treated to two truly luscious pastries which certainly overruled my willpower!

What an outstanding experience! Beautiful high-quality and affordable food in the most desirable, photo-friendly setting!