Winter is the time of year where many of us have a tendency to neglect looking after our skin and settle for quick solution beauty techniques such as the forbidden facial wipe to remove makeup. Ironically, during the winter months, our skin actually demands more attention than usual. We need to tailor our skincare regimes accordingly to the conditions of the year. With the weather much colder our skin is frequently subjected to a harsh climate. Dry skin, cracked lips, broken nails and damaged hair are hellish but thankfully, easy to correct once the problem is addressed!

The main answer is hydration – aka, our favourite tip… drinking copious amounts of water! If water is not to your acquired taste, why not venture into herbal teas and explore flavours that can help complement your mood – teas to energise, to calm, to de-stress etc. My next tip is to do research and invest in products that are truly going to benefit your skin. If you are clueless like me, I fully recommend spending time reading lots of reviews, communicating with professionals or having a facial and actually getting a recommendation personalised to you. I will be leaving my top ten skin care products in a later blog post as since using them, I have actually noticed a difference to my skin – so much so, that I no longer need to wear skin makeup. Marvellous, right?

While I was rejoicing in the spirit of skin care, I made a spontaneous decision to book an appointment at The Treatment Rooms situated in Brighton. I was exceedingly excited as I must confess, I am a bit of a spa neophyte and had not previously undergone any skincare spa treatments. Yet, now I am fully converted and am eager to try nearly all the treatments offered.

The Treatment Rooms is well-known for being an outstanding establishment, with opulent interiors, 10 spacious and elegantly designed treatment rooms, a warm tranquil relaxation room and a vast array of therapies to offer.  In November 2018, it won an award for the Best Beauty Salon in the Southern Hair and Beauty Awards – and I can quite clearly see why!

The staff are absolutely delightful, making you feel comfortable and in safe hands as soon as you walk through the door. My male friend and I decided to opt to have a double room for our treatment so we could simultaneously share the highly idyllic experience. It was so relaxing and romantic, with soft soothing music, warm lowly lit lighting and candles flittering away, I instantly went into a full-on relaxation zone.

The beauticians who gave us our treatment were called Sarah and Lydia – both are so splendid, professional and informational. I think my younger self would have felt quite nervous and insecure to take all my makeup off but it did not even cross my mind, I felt completely at ease as it was a non-judgement zone.

The treatment I received is called the Aromatherapy Associates Essential Rose Facial. It involves using luxurious rose essential oils which are known for their rejuvenating properties helping to condition and nourish the skin. It was a blissful experience and the scents of the products used were beautiful. The entire process was very soothing and it felt like a form of meditation as your mind clears and you are left to focus on the rhythm of your breathing.

My friend had the Men’s Refinery Facial which he found utterly enthraling and fully adored the whole pampering experience. Victor expressed how

Facials should be a weekly requirement for those that lead busy quite stressful lives. It is the most relaxing thing I have ever endured and will be having one again soon!

I want to put great emphasis on male beauty as well as female beauty. This is because beauty is a form of self-love and care, there no longer needs to be a taboo about men receiving beauty treatments! Instead, it needs to be embraced with open arms! Not only do facials make you feel relaxed to a heightened degree, but they also clear your mind allowing you to feel eager to make healthier life choices and for other obvious reasons, you feel more confident as your skin has had some loving care which will show physically.

After the treatment we both went into the relaxation room, where we reclined on comfortable chairs, sipping on delicious tea and continued our experience. It was so wonderful, I could have stayed in the room for hours! When we ultimately plucked up the motivation to depart, we were followed by another surprise which was to receive a little goodbye gift bag filled with utterly lovely goodies. Touches like this are simply adorable, the thoughtfulness aspect is really something quite magical indeed! I walked out of The Treatment Rooms feeling utterly relaxed, happy and reinvigorated – I was makeup-less but actually felt comfortable in my skin and ready to show it off for the world.

Thank you for the most glorious and liberating experience. I will be back!

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