We all see beautiful snow photographs on Instagram and I always ponder to myself about how cold the models must be. It is a classic case of Instagram vs reality, as what you do not see if a flask of hot chocolate, a warm coat or blanket and regular breaks in between shots. The key for surviving winter weather and staying fashionable is all about keeping practicality as the focus.


Layers are essential as you can always remove layers accordingly to the temperature. Faux fur Russian hats, scarves, snoods and gloves are a life savior. Forget about your silhouette, I class snow as the perfect excuse to hide beneath a bundle of fabrics.

Warm Ears and Hands

Those of you that frequently ski will understand the importance of keeping vital areas of the body warm. Earmuffs are quite possibly my favourite winter accessory –  with a slight reminiscence to my toddler self that always wore ear muffs, I simply cannot live without them. As a petite woman, I have come to realise that my head does not suit typical winter hats – it’s a big no! Berets I adore but the functionality aspect of them is somewhat questionable. Thus, on snow days I always reach out for ear muffs or faux fur headbands.

Now, gloves – do not go out of the house without them!

For the sake of producing the imagery below, I foolishly did not listen to my own advice above. I decided to pick up some snow and moments later, I fainted and was a real-life snow angel. The combination of having low blood sugar level and poor circulation often results in me collapsing in extreme climates so I have learned the real-life consequences! Now I vow, I will always set foot outside with a pair of gloves and mittens in my handbag. Another bit of advice, heated hand-warmers. Why not buy some 10-hour lasting disposable ones and place them inside your gloves for some added warmth!

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