I have always struggled with the concept of dressing casually as by very nature, I aim to parade a well-put-together often too glamorous look. The concept of a baseball cap and fitted dress would have left me feeling quite uneasy as it is truly jumping away from my comfort style. Alas, I am learning the importance of trying new looks on the chance that we may be pleasantly surprised. On this occasion, Femme Luxe’s clothing really had me quite converted. The dress is in a soft rose colour and is in a thin knit material, meaning that it is the perfect item for overcast days. I think that the feminine fringe detailing is utterly adorable and I really like the slight Bardot neckline. It’s so overly complimentary. I was a little nervous as on their website, the dress was modelled on a more voluptuous lady and let’s face it, my curves are quite non-existent. However, the tight-fitting nature is so overly flattering on me. It’s become one of my favourite dresses and I’m going to purchase the other colours.

For those of you that are like me and have a safety net of a fine-knit roll neck…I highly recommend you trying on this dress! It looks just as pretty and it’s one of those statement pieces that are suitable for all occasions.

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