This marked my first ever St Regis Hotel experience and I was outrageously surprised by the glistening modern build and out of this world service. The whole experience has almost left me a bit giddy as it was really something quite special, marking the end of my lovely San Francisco venture.

When first arriving at the hotel, you are struck by the 42 high impressive build that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. The doors are opened and you are instantly greeted by highly personable, friendly faces. Inside, the main entrance is a very warm and inviting atmosphere. It is very spacious with an open plan lounge area and bar, with the reception desks to the right. As a tremendous art lover myself, I was visually captivated by the vast array of beautiful artwork. After complimenting a sculpture, I was soon told that there is actually a St Regis art tour that you can take and a guide will tell you more about the pieces! Isn’t that simply fantastic?

Checking in was a fast and simple process. I was extremely pleased to discover that my room came with a butler service which had numerous perks. I met my butler who guided me to my room, he was really lovely and enthusiastic to help. My room was on the 19th floor and I was quite pleased to have him guide me to the right door. I always find, no matter what hotel I am in, my sense of direction is completely atrocious! It’s always miraculous when I make it back to my room.

My room was the Metropolitan Suite which costs approximately $1269 a night and is 980sqft/88sqm. The corner rooms in St Regis are known to be the best for great views of the city and it did not disappoint.

The room had a modern entrance corridor with a large mirror, flowers, complimentary St Regis chocolates and a welcome note. You are then in the main suite and within seconds, I knew this was the right place for me. It was beautiful and in fact, I felt quite sad that I could not move in there forever.

With modern art displayed around the room, a dining table to sit four, a desk with a printer, a sofa set, coffee table and 55inch plasma TV screen, I was in awe. The room was decorated with orchids and was extremely bright, open and airy. The views from every window were exceptional as you can see.

I noticed the fine attention to detail – the hotel had considered all eventualities and desires from their customers. The desk was kitted out with St Regis postcards, writing paper, erasers, pencils and even paperclips – I find I greatly appreciate hotel stationary, I wonder if there are others who also do? The complimentary bar and fridge was full of all sorts of goodies. To make things even better, the butler service included unpacking and repacking, plus, complimentary pressing! The butler also made sure that tea was delivered promptly and it was served with my favourite biscotti biscuits.

I was then guided into the bedroom and pleased to see yet again, divine views, reasonable but not perfect storage and a king sized bed. I was told that additional storage could be made if necessary. The impressive electronic blind means no strenuous blind pulling activity is necessary. I really quite adore modern fixtures like this. The bed was very comfortable due to the Frette luxury linens.

The bathroom was bright, with a sliding door divide, deep bathtub and the most beautiful shower imaginable. As I care deeply about skincare and beauty, I always like to trial hotels complimentary ranges; St Regis uses the brand Remede. The bathroom contained shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, body wash, face wash and face moisturiser. The products themselves were luxurious to the skin. I felt quite impressed with the brand and may have to order a batch of their products to trial at home.

Overall to conclude, I would 100% come back to St Regis. It had a very warm feel to it with very friendly staff, open plan people friendly areas, sensational views and fine attention to detail. I was very impressed!