When I first viewed the photos of the Palace Hotel, I was very much drawn in by the look of their beautiful pool and fitness centre.

In order to have the perfect balance in life, I try to rejoice in squeezing in as much usage of all gym facilities at hotels – even if I am not a natural gym go-er. At the brink of sunrise, slightly as a result of quite aggressive jetlag, I put on my trainers, grabbed a swimsuit and headed out to inspect the facilities. I quite rejoice in the 24 hours unlimited access for guests. I’d much prefer to workout by myself than during the day time with lots of people who actually know what they are doing!

The fitness centre is quite small yet includes all the essentials including a cardiovascular machines (treadmills, elliptical machines and stationery bikes) with entertainment centers on each machine, free weights, yoga mats, and an exercise ball. I was pleased that the weights ranged from 5 lbs. to 40 lbs as of course, I totally bagsy the 5lbs ones. Some gyms tend to start at 8lb which for someone like me, is far too heavy.

The gym is adjacent to the pool which actually gives you a bit of focus and incentive. After my exceedingly short ‘workout’ which consisted of watching an episode of Love at First Sight and walking on the treadmill… (don’t judge), I grabbed some water, a towel and headed out to the pool area!

The pool is 60’x20′ and is a complete indoor oasis.

After discovering the beauty and tranquility of the pool area, it soon became my favourite place in the hotel.

With a soaring sky-lit ceiling, open space, neutral palette with stainless accents, it is a completely and utterly serene environment, perfect for much needed relaxation!

There are sun chaise loungers situation around the pool and there is also a little whirl pool. The pool area is actually quite quiet throughout the day however, if you want to enjoy the area in complete solitude, then I’d recommend going in the evening.

You can also order food and drinks to the pool side or just leisurely relax reading the latest magazines/newspapers.