Choosing outfits for workwear can be a challenge as it is all about working within the limits of sophistication, work etiquette and individualism.

I think it is particularly hard when you have a naturally feminine style. I remember work uniforms and school uniforms used to be the absolute bane of my existence. I can specifically remember longing for the day when I could wear 50s skater skirts and kitten heels. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a job with the most ghastly uniform imaginable. Trousers that were a wide-leg fit and a hip rise. I honestly shiver at the thought of them. To somewhat salvage the situation and preserve my dignity, I wore them high on my hips with a thin black belt, heels are hidden beneath them to give me height and my blouse tucked into them. An overhung blouse is a fashion no-no in my books.

Nowadays offices tend to be a bit more forgiving with the dress code, especially in the city. As long as you look presentable and don’t wear anything too outlandish, then it is okay. It is all about simplicity. You can make a statement but it needs to subtly fit all of the parameters of your overall look.

I am wearing a pleated short skater skirt – midi may be more suitable for certain establishments, coordinated with a white blouse with a pink pussy-bow necktie. I adore this look as it looks very cute but also carries an air of sophistication.

For a 50s spin on things, why not add a hair scarf to protect your curls and a white 1950s style clutch handbag. I would suggest wearing a low-heel and save the higher heels for fine-dining and evening plans! That is the only work sacrifice I make. The accessories I am wearing are my favourite new earrings from Lily and Rose and my sunglasses from Chanel. 

My skirt is from Missguided and blouse is from Shein. Both are exceedingly affordable . but paired together they look expensive – sneaky right! I hope you enjoyed the look and stay tuned for my floral spring looks which are coming in the very near future.