Venus'et Fleur

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I wanted to introduce to you all the Fashion Vendetta Collection by Teeez Cosmetics. What I was mainly excited about by the brand was their uniquely creative packaging. It screamed vibrancy, authenticity, and attention to detail. Within the beauty industry, it is often apparent that some brands can opt to cut costs by going for overly simplistic and sometimes quite ‘plastic’ presentations of their products. For me, this automatically makes me doubt the product a little bit as if they’re willing to cut costs there, would they be willing to cut costs of ingredients? So, I was very happy to see a unique design that feels classic and expensive to the touch but also, an art masterpiece to vision!

The products I trialed are listed below:

Both lipstick shades were very pigmented. The darker one is a burgundy colour excellent for Winter. It also left me feeling quite inspired to create a Biba influenced look from the 70s. The shade was a peachy corally colour. Slight orange toned, ideal to tanned skin tones.

Very vibrant and pigmented products. A little bit goes a long way. The blue actually really compliments blue eyes, it looks lovely with a little on the lid and some brought under the eye to create a very doll-like look.

The liners work beautifully in conjunction with the eyeshadow palette! They are just as good as the Kat Von D ones and the broad spectrum of colours you can choose from, enable you to create ample looks!

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the products! The colours are maybe a little daring for me alas, it is always fun to have an array of beauty supplies when coming up for inspiration for photoshoots. Thank you Teeez Cosmetics for the gifts!

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