Dark Romance
Winter to Spring Transition
Timeless Streetstyle
Be The Flower That Gives Its Fragrance To The Hand That Crushes It
Lasting Statement
That Sixties Look
The Colour of Blossom
Lace Bralettes Delicacy
Ultra Feminine Bohemian Styling
Ethereal Boho

Dark Romance

Whenever I look for thematic inspiration for photo shoots, I always turn to fine art and fashion throughout the ages. I love the light of chiaroscuro, the contrast of lights vs dark but instead of finding harsh light, I wanted to maintain a softness to the light to maintain a feminine feel to the image.…

Maison Heroine

It is girl-knowledge that a ladies handbag holds all of the answers for every single situation that we may be surprised with throughout the day. A hair and makeup disaster, a snow blizzard, a ladder in the tights, a cute dog that needs enticing with treats… have no fear, we have it sorted. Yet the…

Polka Dots

For a while now, I have been searching for the perfect polka dot dress. I spotted one in a thrift store a couple of months ago, in Los Angeles, but due to poor fit, I ended up not purchasing it. One of those regrettable moments as if you’re like me, your memory of all the…

Finally Myself Again, Horrah!

A little update…. For those of you that may have followed me throughout the years, you will know that I am a complete perfectionist at everything I do. If something is not perfect, it will bother me dramatically! Despite sounding rather lame in writing, an unfortunate hair colouring experience does always have a knock to…

A Whimsical Wedding

A fairytale wedding set in a whimsical location shrouded in botanical gardens and crystal clear water on a secluded island. I can safely┬ásay that my wedding expectations have been drastically raised to a very unrealistic level. As much as I want to rant about how simply splendid the wedding was, I do in fact like…