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Polka Dots

For a while now, I have been searching for the perfect polka dot dress. I spotted one in a thrift store a couple of months ago, in Los Angeles, but due to poor fit, I ended up not purchasing it. One of those regrettable moments as if you’re like me, your memory of all the…


Finally Myself Again, Horrah!

A little update…. For those of you that may have followed me throughout the years, you will know that I am a complete perfectionist at everything I do. If something is not perfect, it will bother me dramatically! Despite sounding rather lame in writing, an unfortunate hair colouring experience does always have a knock to…


A Whimsical Wedding

A fairytale wedding set in a whimsical location shrouded in botanical gardens and crystal clear water on a secluded island. I can safely say that my wedding expectations have been drastically raised to a very unrealistic level. As much as I want to rant about how simply splendid the wedding was, I do in fact like…


Timeless Streetstyle

I’ve always tried to avoid denim shorts due to a fear that they may not compliment my body shape. When I was younger, in my teens, I went through a stage where I wanted to be Avril Lavinge and thought that shorts that sat on the hip were cool and ‘hip’ (lame dad pun.) Another secret…


Pastel Infusion

The prospect of a sunny vacation would have left ‘old Alice’ in a slight frantic state, ready to have a full on fashion identity crisis. It’s difficult when you are so used to living in a climate where you are able to hide under layers of clothes and barely have days where an ankle is…


Lace Bralettes Delicacy

The bralette trend has been happening for a while now but admittedly, this is the first year I rejoiced in it. Wearing bralettes takes a lot of body confidence as it is essentially like wearing beautiful lingerie out in public which can fill people with horror and a multitude of self-conscious thoughts. Yet, I can…