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Wedding Season is Here
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Be The Flower That Gives Its Fragrance To The Hand That Crushes It

Vintage 1950s Makeup

I am absolutely in awe of makeup and hair looks of the 1950s-1960s, for this is why my go-to makeup is always heavily inspired by those decades. Also surprisingly, I find this makeup look is exceedingly quick to complete so follow my 1950s makeup guide to have a flawless face in just 15 minutes. Prepare…

Wedding Season is Here

It is officially the time of confetti throwing and meringue-style prom dresses. Let us make sure we make good fashion decisions and resist panic buying. We’ve all been in situations where events seem to creep up on us, leaving us totally clueless and unprepared. I must ask, why is it that suddenly, there are no…

How To Wear A Corset

I have never shied away from expressing my love for corsets, I think they are the pinocle for feminity and empowerment. Many people straight away think of the Victorians when the word ‘corset’ is mentioned, imagining women tightening the corsets and leaving them feeling suffocated. This is far from the truth. Other people instantly think of burlesque,…

Dark Romance

Whenever I look for thematic inspiration for photo shoots, I always turn to fine art and fashion throughout the ages. I love the light of chiaroscuro, the contrast of lights vs dark but instead of finding harsh light, I wanted to maintain a softness to the light to maintain a feminine feel to the image.…