Who am I?

Hello there, my name is Alice and welcome to my blog ROSE OF IBIS which is a glimpse into my world and taste in aesthetics. I am 23 years old and have spent most of my life in both Hampshire, England and was schooled in a tiny countryside town in Sherborne, Dorset.  I then attended university at King’s College London, before making a decision to travel to New York and Los Angeles on a regular basis for the past two years. I have worked as an agency represented model and freelance model, mainly the face for vintage online companies. I live for vintage fashion and pretty, feminine styles incorporating both vintage, high-street and luxury styles.

I want my blog to communicate my love for classic styles in fashion and beauty but I also want to use my blog and social media platforms for the greater good, talking about issues that are important. I have always exposed a certain kind of rawness and sensitivity online, for this reason, I have an exceptionally loyal and wonderful following base. I want to continue to inspire people not only aesthetically but also revealing that sensitivity and openness is something truly beautiful and should be rejoiced.

I am always interested in collaborations with companies, brands, hotels, magazines and photographers so drop me an email: alice@roseofibis.com


Much love