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I am Alice and welcome to my blog which is a glimpse into my rose-tinted world and tastes in aesthetic.

After growing up in a sheltered countryside village in the heart of Dorset, a slightly naive and bewildered Alice ventured to the city of London to pursue academic study at King’s College London with a focus on Philosophy & Digital Culture. Alice later decided to pause her studies as she was eager to gain intrinsically valuable life-experience and traverse other creative pathways, her creative flair for vintage fashion and glamour was elevated while living in vibrant Los Angeles and there she created Rose of Ibis. Now based in West London, Alice is determined to independently create the career and lifestyle she longingly desires. But to, more importantly, find meaning, fulfilment and spread kindness along the way.

Alice’s blog Rose of Ibis is a visual journal that reveals feminine palettes, the intricacies of emotional awareness and hidden treasures of the world.

I aim to always promote a realness on my blog so when working with brands, I will always give an honest reflection of my opinions. If you have been following my work and my writing and visuals appeal to you, please do send me an email regarding a collaboration or partnership.

you have been following my work on Instagram, and my aesthetic and personality appeal to your brand, please do not hesitate to get in touch for collaborations and partnerships.