It is time to talk about bloomers. Many individuals do not even have the faintest idea about what bloomers are and the history behind them – this dramatically saddens my soul! However, this is because there is no longer a wide-market for them and they are not available to buy practically anywhere. So why have bloomer knickers died out in the fashion world? Well, the answer is that people do not know how to style them correctly. Shops know that stringy lacey knickers have mass appeal and subsequently a wide audience, bloomers represent modesty which is not always desired. It brings me back to my classic point that outfits should not define your confidence “Being sexy is not about what men want, or how young you are or how your body looks or how much money you have. It’s a certain inner confidence, a comfort level. When you’ve learned something about yourself and what makes you happy.” The statement carries significant truth and it is the moral I live by.

I personally believe that modesty is far more alluring. Words cannot describe how much I love this little cotton white piece set. If I could wear an outfit all the time, it would be this.

It looks lovely with a hair barrette, lace trimmed ankle socks and a 1950s bed jacket (of which I do not yet currently own)