It is officially the time of confetti throwing and meringue-style prom dresses. Let us make sure we make good fashion decisions and resist panic buying. We’ve all been in situations where events seem to creep up on us, leaving us totally clueless and unprepared. I must ask, why is it that suddenly, there are no suitable clothes available in the store? Poor luck, perhaps but also, lack of direction. This post is to help prepare you and inspire you for classic, timeless looks that are a winner every single time.

Firstly, know your body shape. Though this may sound like common sense, I have found that many people do not really know what styles compliment their silhouette. Below are some recommendations according to body shape.

Petite and small waist frames suit fit and flare/skater styles

Tall and thin suit long maxi styles, boho ‘floaty’ styles

Curvy and voluptuous suit midi tea dresses and midi fitted dresses to accentuate the bodies beautiful shape.

I have a petite frame so the dress above fits me well. It is a dress bought from Coast many years ago and I have to say, I plan on keeping it forever. It’s absolutely darling.

Remember to keep accessories minimal, why not add some small pearl earrings or a pearl necklace.

Sometimes the key is to dress according to how comfortable certain pieces make you feel. If you are apprehensive about an outfit, maybe consider opting for one you are certain you love!

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