When we transition into a new season, I think it is important to re-evaluate what we put on our skin. This time of year, we really want to showcase our glorious glowy skin for the world to see yet, to our mortification, our skin can sometimes be an enemy against us. With higher humidity and warmer temperatures, it can be a continual fight against oily skin or the opposing struggle of dry combination skin. It is about finding the right balance and truly nourishing our skin with products that are founded on natural, rich ingredients.

The growing skincare market is an awfully exciting environment for enthusiasts like myself but it can also pose quite an intimidating and overwhelming task with knowing where to start. Yet, I have made your task much easier as I have spent the last month carefully selecting and articulating a list compromising of the best products currently on the market.

More About Alice

Before I start with my product reviews, I wanted to familiarise you with my own skin so you can have a full understanding of the base that the products are being applied to. My skin is a combination type, not oily in the slightest with occasional dryness to my nose heightened by abrasive skin and makeup products. As I am only 23 with naturally youthful skin, I tend to stray away from any anti-ageing products. However, I am a huge advocate for searching for preventative products that will improve and enhance my skin in time. For this reason, I utterly adore discovering products with a high SPF factor in them. We know – but do not always like to acknowledge, that sun is the main cause of skin damage, even when in the UK with our minimal bouts of nice weather. I believe it is always essential to incorporate sun protection into our morning routine just for the preventative measure.

The first products I would like to talk about are by a very aesthetically pleasing brand called Figs & Rouge which may I add has the most dream-like and rose-themed Instagram account. The brand itself is an English Vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, favoured by Celebrities including Emma Watson. In this day and age, I personally find it inexcusable when I discover a brand tests on animals thus, this is a factor that can fully influence my decision when buying. The very fact that all of the ingredients of their products are sourced with luxury-grade vegan based raw materials is another important factor. After all, botanical natural, ethically sourced ingredients are far more likely to be beneficial for our skin than unknown chemicals that are not always even disclosed.

Figs & Rouge Morning Revival Cream ($35)  is a deeply nourishing and skin boosting morning hydration cream. Ideal for those on the day who need a quick hydro-boost! The other element I adored about the product with its blend with rose-hip and rosewater which are known for their unearthly natural restorative and reviving powers that help to delicately brighten and even skin-tone. Rosehip fruit oil is in my opinion, a superpower ingredient with immense healing properties for conditioning and nourishing the skin leaving a baby soft to the touch. I always like to investigate into the ingredients used and look at the purpose behind each unique component. It is formulated using a combination of Hyaluronic Acids, Shea Butter and naturally occurring Vitamins A,C & E. It is utterly perfect for liberating inner radiance of the skin and waking up a tired or sluggish complexion within a matter of seconds. It has soothing properties of Calendula and Aloe, Rose Flower Water which gives it a heavily fragrant beautiful smell and properties known for healing and toning.

When applying a small bit goes a long way, it has quick a thick texture and is very cream based. It does not appear oily on the skin but gives your face a fresh out of the shower look. Once applied, I like to use the Figs & Rouge Skin Brightening Facial 10ml Oil ($22). It is a concentrated moisture shot facial oil, designed to deeply nourish, hydrate & visibly add bounce to revive & renew a dull or tired complexion. It is a lightweight, rapidly absorbed, intensive treatment oil delivers instant radiance and skin vitality. It seeps into the skin quickly and does not affect makeup put on to the skin directly after. They both make the most perfect duo imaginable and they are handbag sized, so also perfect for travel!