We are approaching that time of year when the wedding invitations begin to come rolling in. A harmonic occasion that provides the perfect opportunity to overdress and reflect on our forever-alone state – at least in my case. Alas, it is purely worth is for the dress code? My go-to advice for what to wear for a wedding is this.

1.) Comfort

Always seek outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. If carry slight insecure feelings about this look, it will burden on your for the entire event.

2.) Classic

Always go for classic styles that are timeless. Classic styles will never date and will always look wonderfully elegant. Personally, I favour the simplicity of vintage 1950s dress shapes whether that be sweetheart neckline circle skirt dresses or Audrey Hepburn black cocktail dresses. They are always a winner and will be bound to be getting you plenty of compliments. I think on the occasion of your own wedding or a red carpet event, I would fully say, be flamboyant and find yourself the most exquiste gown from Valentino but on someone elses wedding, it’s always best to look very smart but not to look too over the top. No one wants to compete with the bride.

3.) Not too much jewelerry

Too much jewelerry can totally kill an overall look taking an expensive dress from luxury to economy. Remember less is always more. To create an overall lavish appearance, I would recommend a simple pearl neckless paired with pearl earrings or a simple and elegant Tiffany’s neckless and dainty ring.

4.) Two pairs of shoes

This may sound utterly ridiulous but we have all been there when we are at an event in a brand new pair of heels and we are suffering to the highest degree. Firstly, always wear the heels you hope to wear for a couple of days at least a few weeks prior to the event. This will soften the fabric of the shoes and will allow you to get used to walking in them. Yet, as weddings can be a very long, timely event, it is best to pack a foldable pair of flats to wear in between the ceremony to the after party and to put on in any moments of crisis. One would always suggest investing in some blister plasters for any emergencies that may arise.

5.) Bobby pins

It is a common fact of all girls that every few months we buy copious amounts of bobby pins and hair ties, yet miraculously in a blink of an eye, they vanish. I have no idea where they go so if someone has the answers, please care to inform me! For weddings I would suggest, if you are doing your hair yourself, do not do something too high maintaince. We do not know what the weather in England entails, however, it is always typical for rain and wind to occur just in time to disrupt well-put together pair styles! To salvage this, make sure you pack in your handbag a small compact mirror, a comb, body pins, mini hair spray or hair oil depening on the texture of your hair! It will quite literally save your life!

Photocredit: Photofervor – please check his website for glorious images!