I have to say that when hiking to the Griffiths Observatory, I certainly questioned my levels of fitness. The midday heat combined with hills vs my little legs made it a bit of a struggle. But obviously I did my utmost to conceal the fact, I was very close to needing an oxygen tank. I was dressed the most casual I’ve ever been in my life and actually totally adored it. The shorts I am wearing are from ASOS and they are a total dream.  I was inspired by a French film called ‘One Deadly Summer’, starring the charming and endearing actress Isabella Adjani. In the film, in one scene she pulls off denim hot pants so wonderfully, I thought I would give it a go myself (though with less charm as who can compete).


Above is the view; photos do not really do justice to the scope of the landscape which totally differs to the views I am used to in England which consist of rolling hills. I felt more at home in this kind of environment, more so than any other city I had been to. It had a wonderful buzz but also a very relaxed energy.


I slightly resemble a bug in these sunglasses but it is honestly a great improvement to other pairs I have tried on in the past. Finding the perfect sunglasses is an art form in itself. If you have that skill, please advise – it would be greatly appreciated.


Look at the skies! The absurdity is that this was not even considered a heat wave. Though, miraculously, guess who did not get burnt?


Here is a photo of my full look complete with sneakers which were my go-to for this trip. Looking back, I probably should have opted for a more summery top as I have to say, it was so hot. But a large glass of cold lemonade definitely helped. Now I’ve acquired a taste for sugary drinks so it’s all going to go downhill from here.


Hope you liked this little piece! There are more to come and more in the future as I plan my next trip back there. Exciting.

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