I have never shied away from expressing my love for corsets, I think they are the pinocle for feminity and empowerment. Many people straight away think of the Victorians when the word ‘corset’ is mentioned, imagining women tightening the corsets and leaving them feeling suffocated. This is far from the truth. Other people instantly think of burlesque, which sometimes can have negative connotations – although, I personally feel it is a classy and expressive art form. Nonetheless, in short, I feel that corsets do not get the widespread appreciation they deserve.

The corset in the photo above is simply breathtaking and of a remarkable quality yet exceedingly great value. I have to say, it is quite a talent to put on a corset quickly, for beginners I certainly recommend a fair bit of practice and with the practice of course comes patience! If you have difficulty first time around, I would suggest getting a helper you feel comfortable with. Take time to loosen up the strings and tie to a comfortable level. Once you are more used to wearing a corset, you can tighten the strings further. I honestly feel like it is an illusion that they cause discomfort, I know radical small corset sizes are obviously questionable for being unsafe unsafe for frequent use, but simply drawing in your waist 2-4 inches is perfectly safe –  even for someone who is considered a very petite size like myself. When you look at the anatomy of the body, it is clear to see the corset merely follows the natural curves of the bodies structure.

I also think we need to realise that beautiful lingerie should be worn to make us realise how extraordinary we are. We should not put on lingerie with sole intention to impress others, instead, we need to accept that we are delightfully rare, flawless women with big hearts and big souls. I am not sure if I am the only one but I find in our generation, we often here the so-called ‘compliments’ that are meant with possibly the best intention, however, they end up feeling a little degrading. My pet hates are words like ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ they truly lack substance and are thrown about all over the place. I guess it sounds bizarre to say that I feel a little offended whenever I hear those words. I guess I search for more depth, more meaning, someone can look utterly breathtaking but give an extension to why!

My last point to make is that corsets do not necessarily need to be worn behind closed doors as lingerie. It is time to think outside of the box but continue looking classy and respectful. I am tempted to wear the corset about with a tulle off-white or cream A-line skirt, imagine how beautiful it would look. Equaly, I do favour corsets or waist-trainers with boho ‘floaty’ blouses. It creates such a whimsy and glorious look!

Now tell me, how do you wear your corsets? Do you own any? Lastly, who is your favourite vintage icon and why?