It is girl-knowledge that a ladies handbag holds all of the answers for every single situation that we may be surprised with throughout the day. A hair and makeup disaster, a snow blizzard, a ladder in the tights, a cute dog that needs enticing with treats… have no fear, we have it sorted. Yet the difficulty we face is finding a bag that is practical and also is stylish. I guess it is a lot to ask handbag designers ‘so basically I’m looking for a handbag tardis which defies all of science and logic…’  Well all I can say is that this lovely bag from Maison Heroine ticks all the boxes and more!

IMG_4376 (1)

I opted for the simple black leather handbag in a classic shape. To prove that the bag is suited for all our practical needs, I can comfortably say that I survived an entire day in London, enduring treacherous weather and desperate desires to snack on energy bars – the bag had me prepared!IMG_5968

I would also like to highlight the transgression back to my natural hair colour! It feels like it’s been a long journey, even though it has only been 3 years. I finally feel back to my old self which I am awfully pleased about.25399094_10210679008353349_2215614688815947828_n29249810_10211319758651706_6697724793638822484_n

As you can see, the bag is perfect for holding books, laptops, makeup bags, you name it! I am also wearing my favourite vintage-style coat in a beautiful blush pink. Have you ever been so attached to an item of clothing that you are already fearing the day when you must replace it? Burdened with coat anxiety right now, that’s how much I love it.24294331_10210580157362136_971818733693752350_n

This is a rare image of me at a funfair, not typically the place that you’d find me in. Flashing lights, loud noises, rides, queues of rude impatient people don’t usually fill me with great joy. However, I have to say, I did quite enjoy myself! To impress you guys, guess who managed to climb a ladder in a pair of stilletoes! *raises hand*. 24296454_10210572801178236_3270106268925219482_n-1

Such a joyous wintery day. A big thank you to Markus for the spectacular images and to Maison Heroine!