The first week of December has decided to bless us with cold fingertips, drizzling weather, umbrellas that are not designed for rain combat and of course, the sweet sounds of Christmas tunes that will eventually drive us all crazy. Nonetheless, to counteract all the above here are a few things that make this season as wonderful as it is. Firstly, doesn’t everyone seem much happier in December? Any crises can be swept under the carpet as it is the season to be jolly – providing no one forgets the turkey on the big day. Christmas lights always add to the magical feeling and cities look like a twinkling utopia!

To truly celebrate this season, it is important to seek comfort, relaxation and good food – at all costs. Gluttony is certainly acceptable so thank goodness for oversized jumpers and large fluffy coats. To make evenings really special, sometimes it is lovely to get out of your home and venture out into the big real world, experiencing some of the most glorious treasures your chosen city has to offer.

After hearing a stupendous amount of extraordinarily positive reviews, I decided to book to go to Jak’s Mayfair restaurant. Situated in the most ideal location, it is a perfect getaway to escape the madness of prematurely stressed Christmas shoppers! As soon as you walk through the doors, you are instantly hit with the friendly and ambient environment of Jak’s.

As opposed to sitting in the main restaurant upstairs, we decided to make use of the lovely bar downstairs with a cosy aesthetic and the worlds comfiest sofas – this instantly won me over. Firstly we decided to have a cocktail at the bar and I was made the most delicious festive inspired cocktail, personalised to my taste. It was fruity and sweet, utterly delectable indeed! The entire setup is exceedingly relaxed but also has the advantage of being very vibrant, fun and ecstatic on the weekend in the bar area. However, on this occasion on this dreary Monday of city life, I was quite pleased to unwind surrounded by lovely company.

The menu offers a diverse range of food, I decided to have a platter which is intended to be for two people but when Alice is near hummus and her favourite vegetables, she is a total food devouring machine. The platter itself was made up of carrots, cucumber, olives, peppers, hummus, bruschetta and cheese. It was sublime. Victor decided to have ribeye Steak with peppercorn sauce with a side of roast new potatoes and black rice which he described as being ‘mouthwateringly bang-tidy’. All of the food is fresh and it fills like delightful home-cooked food that ticks all the boxes for flavours.

After devouring our feast, we reclined back into our chairs and enjoyed the last drink admiring the cosy pub-like feeling of the establishment. It felt bizarre to think that a few metres away was a city trembling with masses of people yet, here lies a wonderful haven of good quality food and a buzzing, homely atmosphere. I really had such a wonderful time at Jak’s Mayfair, it is the first time I have tried their menu and I was blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of the food served. I shall be back to experience the weekend buzz in the very near future for sure.