This was my first trip to Los Angeles and it must be said, I was slightly fearful I would have a fashion crisis out there. Part of the reason for this concern is due to my lack of knowledge of how to dress in hot climates; coined with the fear or overexposure of skin with the consequent fear of sunburn. Yet this was not a problem at all. The weather was perfect as it was not too hot and not cold even at night time. The outfits I packed perfectly suited the glorious rays of sunshine and left my case with lots of room for accessories and beautiful bralettes (oh the necessities).


My go-to fashion piece was black off-the-shoulder tops and tennis skirts. For the first time since my sixteen-year-old emo self, I even bought myself some shoes that resembled converse and have now since, ordered myself some lovely high-top shoes! Not only do they present that more casual LA vibe but they also are practical in that you can hike in them in great comfort.


Above is one view from a short hike; though there is a fair bit of smog lurking, you can still see what a magnificent city it is with tremendous views. The sunshine and energy from positive people caused me to have a permanent smile on my face.18519096_10209080691236420_1925210938_oOut of all places I’ve ventured to, I must say that LA almost feels perfectly set up for cheeky Instagram pictures to fill your feed. Here was one find we discovered while walking…. cheeky cheeky.

What is wonderful about LA is that there is always something new and full of surprise around the corner. I do not think I have ever ventured to another city like it and no other city can really compare in my eyes.

I am going to be uploading more of my holiday Los Angeles looks over the next few weeks which can help give you some inspiration for summer attire! Here is a link to the beautiful black lace bralette.


Click here to find the black off the shoulder top.

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