The restaurant is situated in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair, showcasing a unique sharing experience and an eclectic variety of flavours for the palette. The diverse and exquisite selection consists of signature Mediterranean, Spanish and Japanese sharing plates. The concept of numerous plates creates a relaxed and social, buzzing atmosphere.

The interior decor of the building is an elegant and chic aesthetic with marble table tops, wooden panelling and modern light furnishings. Ideal for all kinds of occasions, dates, business meetings and more.

I ordered food from the A La Carte menu opting for tastes from Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines as I continually search for dishes full of flavour. The image above shows the Orange and avocado salad with a spicy lemon dressing – this was very light, ideal for a starter. Another dish which was great to start with was the burrata with Seville orange, corianda seeds and manuka honey. I have not previously dared to put two juxtaposing flavours of citrus and dairy together. Yet remarkably, the flavours truly complimented each other. It was an extremely tough decision to narrow down the plates as they all sounded simply fantastic, when looking at their Pasta and Pizza options, I decided to try new things which includes fish! I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 7, however for health reasons, I am trying to actively venture out and introduce fish into my diet. For this reason, I opted to try the Lobster and mascarpone ravioli with lemon butter sauce and the pecorino and truffle tortellino with parmesan creme! Both were wonderful, however, I personally favoured the second ravioli more – nothing can compare with the taste of truffle right?

The other dish I was excited to try was the chilli panko tiger prawns with jalapeno emulsion – these were delicious, the perfect finger food and armed with a spicy kick! The final plate I ordered was the oven-baked lobster and king prawn with parmesan creme and chilli her crust – this was one of my favourite fish dishes. It was very mouthwatering and the parmesan creme and chilli crust, brought all the flavours together creating something truly magical.

Now let’s talk drink… At Mayfair kitchen you are truly spoiled for choice with the wide array of cocktails to choice from. I tried the Yuzu Osaka cocktail which is made up of finlndia grapefruit vodka, yuzu sake, sparkling sake and fresh cucumber. I would say that out of all my drinks, the Yuzu Osaka was simply beautiful and most aesthetic! Next I tried the Valencian cocktail which compromises of combat sapphire gin, mandarin Napoleon orange juice, rhubarb and rose hip cordial and basil. Then I tried the White Peach Bellini made up of white peach, rhubarb cordial and prosecco! One of my favourite drinks but what can I say, anything with prosecco has already won over my heart.

Overall, I had a truly lovely experience in the ambient Mayfair Kitchen and the food is utterly exquisite! I will most certainly be venturing back to try even mode mastery flavours!