I can quite safely say that I had the time of my life in South Kensington last week at the Natural History Museum Ice Rink. The smile on my face in the photos says it all. For years, I have desperately wanted to go ice-skating but in my mind, I always envisioned it being ideal for a cute winter date. Yet my forever alone cat-lady status for the past few years, made it a bit of a problem – Although, I do sincerely wish it was possible for my cat to join me on the ice.

I wrapped up warm in my princess fit and flare coat, foolishly forgetting the essential hat, scarf and glove trio. Fortunately, the day I skated on was magnificent so it did not matter too much. The sun was shining but the air was crisp and wintery. The sun perfectly illuminated the Natural History Museum building showcasing the utterly extraordinary architecture. It felt truly magical, to say the least.

As for the skating, I pleasantly surprised myself with my ice-skating ability. I am nowhere near Torvill and Dean status, however, I can actually skate and did not fall over. Next time, I plan to ace the pirouette…

I think ice-skating is all about confidence, practice and the ability to not really care what other people think. Falling over is not the worst thing in the world, so it is sometimes okay to embarrass yourself. One tip I learned from watching other people heroically crash to the ground, is to not drag your partner down with you. It’s not a pretty sight.

The image above highlights exactly how happy I was on the ice. I left the rink eager to go back that evening with a pair of my very own white fur-trimmed ice skates. I maybe got a little carried away but it has certainly made me desperate to venture to Granada to catch up on some Winter Sports.

After skating around the rink and watching all the joyous little faces of people passing by, we decided to go upstairs and have a hot drink while admiring the festive atmosphere. Here I am tactfully wearing a pair of sunglasses to shield a false eyelash disaster. God bless the sunnies.

I truly recommend you all to go to the Natural History Museum Ice Rink for a skate. If you’re planning a date, why don’t you surprise your partner with some warm fluffy socks, gloves and an evening planned of hot chocolate and mulled wine? Anyway, that is all for now lovers…

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