For a while now, I have been searching for the perfect polka dot dress. I spotted one in a thrift store a couple of months ago, in Los Angeles, but due to poor fit, I ended up not purchasing it. One of those regrettable moments as if you’re like me, your memory of all the clothes you did not buy can torment you. So when the opportunity occurred to collaborate with Motel Rocks, I was pretty excited to be united with the polka dot dress of my dreams.


Firstly, I am so pleased with this years trend of tea dresses and wrap dresses. Not only do they fit and flow wonderfully but the fact you can adjust the waistband is ideal. The dress is fairly light-weight, so will also be a divine dress to wear in the warmer months to come. I adored the length of the dress, the frilly details and cuffs. It got so many compliments and I am very tempted to buy the other version of it with shorter sleeves.

I am wearing a delicate Ted Baker necklace with the dress and some knee high socks with ribbon bow details on the side. I would also be tempted to pair it with a beret, a pearl necklace or pearl simple earrings. Forgive me that the socks are uneven in the photo – that surely must be a sin, right?26692845_10210802212713381_1028564171_o

I think the dress would also look lovely with knee-high boots, a 60s style pair with a block heel and well-fitted to the leg. If anyone wishes to help me on my journey to find my dream pair of boots, it would be greatly appreciated. I must say, I’m not terribly into thigh-high boots. They look wonderful on other girls but on me, I do not think they would do any favours for me at all sadly.26654699_10210802232153867_804421960_o

Another thing I wanted to mention is my love for ponytails. I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun most of the time now, simply because it takes a short while to create and it’s effortless, staying out of the way. If you’re interested in a hair tutorial or blog post, please let me know.26654607_10210802218633529_2060080224_o

As for makeup, I’ve finally found my favourite makeup products and I have vowed to never use any others again (let’s see how long this lasts). I have fallen very much in love with Lancome, all products I have used I have adored. I am wearing a full face of Lancome and aside from the bright bold lip, it is very light and natural. The mascara I used gives a fluttery dolly eyed look and the pink eyeshadow tones really compliment blue eyes.26654968_10210802231953862_1826558563_o 26653684_10210802212833384_249537112_o

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and please expect more blog posts from me this year. Sorry I have been quite slack. If you are interested in the dress, please go ahead and check it out on Motel Rocks website. That is all for now


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