It is a well-known fact that in England, the weather is certainly very changeable to say the least. A wedding in August usually translates to a rainy day where everyone will be armed with umbrellas. When planning what to wear to a wedding as a guest, it is important to pick an outfit that suits all potential weather outcomes. Layering is thus a girl’s best friend.

Despite the sun miraculously appearing on my cousin’s wedding day, I did in fact, prepare myself for the worst – an optimist as always. I picked a dress that suited a cropped 50s esque pale pink cardigan and even had picked a coat that would suit the dress. After all, I am a cold blooded human so it’s always important to plan ahead just in case.


The dress I decided to wear had a beautiful a line shape which is very flattering for those that are bigger on the hips and smaller at the waist. The top part of the dress was of a lighter more sheer fabric and the flower applique details preserved dignity.21151721_10209925288470823_4298943685336223517_n

I adore my new white mary jane shoes which I’m sure you will see in every single outfit post from now onwards. It was surprisingly difficult to find a shoe of this style online. It pretty much became a routine mission to search the internet each evening in hope to find my dream heels.  They are not only easy to walk in but they compliment almost every outfit in the summer and thus are a staple piece to own.

I kept my hair fairly natural on the day, despite trying a tremendous amount of styles in the morning. I always curl the ends of my hair as it is naturally very long and subsequently a great deal longer. I wanted to keep my hair simple as no one wants a hair disaster or to feel self-conscious! I am wearing a beautiful delicate flower piece at the back of my hair, bought from ASOS. Do you think I could get away with wearing similar pieces on a day to day basis without people assuming I’m off to a wedding? Part of me can envision, incorporating the piece even with swimwear to create a beautiful boho chic pool look? I may attempt it and report back if it was a success or if I gained a lot of funny looks.

Now let’s talk makeup. As an artist, I always find I’m utterly terrible about discussing my makeup techniques as it’s something I just do. I think it’s important to know your face, most importantly, know the colours of your face. It’s all about using complimentary tones. I for example, only suit blue/pink tones thus stay clear from any orange based ones as it looks unnatural. As people always say, less is always better and I think especially for skin, it is better to go for an extremely soft, light coverage. When I was younger I was a bit naive to the skin makeup world and I thought that foundation essentially acted like a base coat. I would apply it like a mask and then apply even more concealer to areas that we are taught in beautiful videos that are needed. Please never fall into this mistake. Nobody likes feeling like their face is cakey and heavy with makeup. It’s important to see skin makeup as enhancing your natural beauty. Focus on your skincare routine; moisturise skin regularly, drink lots of water, treat spots with tea tree oil, get plenty of sleep. I would always recommend using less foundation, the smallest amount possible. Remember, concealer is a girl’s best friend. Concealer can correct any imperfections you may have.21246392_10209963236339496_6101206406341030310_o

I always use a light amount of loose powder to set my foundation and then I use a blusher to give my face some colour. Oddly, naturally, I do not actually have any colour to my face. I recall once in my life, I naturally had blushed cheeks (after sprinting to a Bob Dylan gig for 20 minutes) and in fact, I loved seeing a flush of colour on my face. I’m envious of those that have it naturally as it looks so healthy and beautiful. Alas, I guess I will have to learn to love my general corpse like look.


As for eyes, I used a Chanel eyeshadow palette, a liquid eyeliner and a mascara. In total, it makes about 10 to 15 minutes to achieve! I guess, practice makes perfect.


Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 17.13.33