The struggle is real when conjuring up a plan for the most romantic and beautiful date in central London. Well, I think I have found the answer so fear not, there will be no more date struggles.

Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes is located on Connaught Street in London, so has an ideal central location. With close distance to Hyde Park, it would be splendid to go for a walk before or after providing the weather allows this of course! Also noted is a little wine bar across the street which could be part two of the date if successful.

It is undoubtedly the most instagramable spot in London so do be prepared to fight through pedantic, fashionable folk – we are harmless, I swear!

The exterior of Saint Aymes withholds such an extraordinary and captivating beauty; framed with wisteria and an overall whimsical Parisian aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside and spectate the world go by?

The front cake display exceeds expectations and leaves in stilted in a confused trance as to what to buy – it all looks far too wonderful so decision making is a tough mission!

These cupcakes caught my eye, aren’t they precious?

Every single corner of Saint Aymes is utterly feminine and florally beautiful. The furnitature is classy, comfortable and layout of the entire building is incredibly well-done with fantastic use of space.

Owned by two sisters, Michela and Lois Wilson who clearly have a vision for botanic interior design! The theme of pretty flower walls, soft pastel pink furnishings, gold cutlery and even the most lavish dog bed for animal furry visitors.

They also have their own brand of chocolate ‘The Marie Antoinette’ is certainly one I must try, it can be bought in store and in Selfridges! 

The ‘Enchanted Afternoon Tea’

I was lucky enough to try the most beautifully lavish ‘Enchanted Afternoon Tea’ which is held downstairs in an equally pretty environment. It combines the whimsy and sweet aspects of Saint Aymes with the british tradition of High Tea. 

It is $45 per person which in my eyes, is a complete bargain. Not only is everything simply stunning with quirky little touches but you get a lot of it and you will leave in a complete sugar coma.

Now, let us firstly talk about the presentation of everything? This is the perfect way to impress a date and all you need to do is sit back and pay the bill! Simple right.

With pretty cutlery and a range of lovely teas including ones which have calming benefits to ones which change colour within the blink of the eye.

Before you begin the feast, you must decide what teas you would like to select – all of which are accompanied with 24ct for a touch of flamboyancy. Here are the tea options:

  • 24ct Unicorn Tears – Changing from blue to purple – soothing benefits of the tea due to the fact its high in anthocyanins.
  • 24ct Phoenix Tea – With wild safflower blossoms
  • 24ct Mermaid’s Tea – Starting out blue and fading to clear.
  • 24ct Mountain Mint Tea

Now let me inform you on what the spectacular array of desserts are!

Here is the Marie Antoinette Tart – Pastry filled with rose cream topped with fresh raspberries and 24ct gold – it is utterly delicious

The French Medley – A selection of vanilla, rose, caramel, lemon and raspberry macarons are all delectable. My favourite was of course the lemon and rose!

Traditions Finest – Freshly made scones with clotted cream, strawberries and jam – definately mighty filling but worth every mouthful!

Every Cloud Has 24Ct Lining – 24ct Candyfloss! Perfect to pose with and it definately reminded me of being little again! Very pleased to see it on the menu.

And there is more… Petit Fours – Small individual cakes topped with 24 ct gold. They are all complete works of art!

One of our personal favourites was the Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake. It was rich and decadent but small enough to not be too sickly.

The Chocolate Coupelle were delicious – crunchy chocolate cups filled with mousse

Oh, and look… an easter short bread biscuit! Too adorable to eat (but dont worry, I demolished it).

Believe it or not, I do really favour savoury foods. I was pleased to see an assortment of savoury sandwiches and baked canapés. One thing I would recommend, if you are a vegetarian, I would tell them in advance!

The bottom shelf of the afternoon tea is the Limited Edition Confections which are 6 beautifully presented chocolates in an array of colours! They come in a lovely box so if you are too full, you can take them home with you.

Overall, I had such a lovely time and would fully recommend!