Recently, I have been particularly favouring the styles of 1940s fashion and I am subsequently trying to build up my collection of 1940s blouses. The fitted nature of them, flattering necklines, puffed sleeves and panels are a design mastery.

Believe it or not but the blouse in the image above is not actually vintage yet it depicts the exact style of the 40s. It looks wonderful paired with a white lace skirt but would also suit a tight pencil skirt or an a-line skirt. Pairing the outfit with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, a 1950s clutch bag and some little heels creates the most adorable look imaginable.

Hair and Makeup:

With great influence from Dita Von Teese, as always, I opted to pin curl my hair. My hair is naturally straight and exceedingly long. Tight pin curls ensure that I have lovely ringlets, which when brushed out create a natural bouncy curl look.

Makeup-wise, the focus is always on the eyes and lips. A simple black cat eye flick elongates the eyes and false eyelashes give a wonderfully dolly-eyed look. If you do not favour a classic red lipstick, why not try a pink lipstick or plum.