I’ve always tried to avoid denim shorts due to a fear that they may not compliment my body shape. When I was younger, in my teens, I went through a stage where I wanted to be Avril Lavinge and thought that shorts that sat on the hip were cool and ‘hip’ (lame dad pun.) Another secret that is now going to be unleashed was the fact that, in addition, I would pair the shorts with heavy metal chains and key rings because I was clearly the definition of a failed punk (if she can even be defined as punk that is).

However, in recent years I have tried my utmost to abandon the fashion horrors of my youth and have tried to opt for looks that are simple but still remain very elegant. I am in love with the high-waisted hot pant style shorts from ASOS. For petite frames, the positive of opting for a ‘hot pant’ style fit is due to the snug fit that they will provide. I now will only ever go for high-waisted bottoms as they really do wonders for the figure even if experiencing slight bloating. The advantage of tight fitting shorts means that blouses look so perfect worn with them. I am wearing a vintage cropped blouse with puffed sleeves, white panelled front and a beautiful lace back.


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