“Just look at life with more playful eyes. Don’t be serious. Seriousness becomes like a blindness. Don’t pretend to be a thinker, a philosopher. Just simply be a human being. The whole world is showering it’s joy on you in so many ways, but you are too serious, you cannot open your heart.”


The quote above was particularly significant to me. Only recently have I started to enjoy life, instead of being fixated on things that do not necessarily matter. I feel that our generation is often pressured at an early age: to be the most successful, to make the most money, to have the highest grades or have the most followers, to look the nicest or to be the most popular. We end up forgetting that the most important things to life are experiences rather than a check list that we are constantly indoctrinated with. As much as I adore social media, I do find that it can suck away meaning if used incorrectly. We have to remember that social media gives people a glimpse into our lives, rather than creating a false facade to escape reality.

Be creative, be spontaneous, say yes more, love recklessly, laugh too much, smile, be sensitive, be sweet, make someone’s day.



Despite always wanting to move to a city and eventually explore America, young me would have never imagined I would actually do it. Despite having everything in place, I always felt like it was never enough. I was constantly scared to dent my bank balance and could find pretty much an excuse for anything. Yet, saying yes to opportunities, surrounding myself with positive energies and following my passions is the best thing I have done.
20228981_10209646917751729_1809718487967297380_nI would never have met this furry little face. Those that know me, can confirm that beagles have always been my favourite breed of dog since I was a child. This little pup is officially the first real life beagle I have ever met and gosh, I am so in love. Just look at him!

I am wearing my favourite collectif playsuit that is ideal for holidays and sunny summers days. It looks adorable paired with mary janes and a little hair bow for a cute touch! It’s overall quite a late 50s, early 60s look which I feel is very playful and sweet!

Apologies for this mighty rant which is all over the place. I’m also sorry for my lack of updates on my blog; I’m going to make sure I am more on it with frequent posts so please watch out for more!

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