Recently I decided to do a photoshoot in my favourite recent purchases. Bellow is a sneaky peak from my photoshoot with Photo Fervor Photography. I did the hair, makeup, styling and art direction for it. Here is a behind the scenes shot

As you will all know, I have quite a strict colour preference of soft pastels, blush pinks and white. I have received quite a few questions asking why and the answer is, I can’t help but love the way in which the tones balance each other out. I always try to strive away from creating a harshness in my look, I find dark colours do not always compliment my features. When choosing fashion items, I am drawn to delicacy whether that be applique lace, tulle, feathers, lace, satin… Fabrics like leather and fishnet tights are quite terrifying for me. Which brings me back to a funny tale where I had to do a magazine photo shoot dressed head to toe in leather. Now that was ghastly. I hope the images never surface!

I am a small size UK4 which is equivalent to a US 00, corsets are traditionally for more voluptuous body shapes but yet, the clever design of them even works on the smallest frames. I do wish my bust filled the corset out a little more but what can you do. I may write a post linked to bra sizing, size changes in relation to diet and exercise in the very near future as I think it is important to discuss.