It is indeed a fact that bohemian chic is one of my favourite styles. No matter how hard I try to veer away from this kind of styling, it is inevitable I will always return to it. My soul yearns for the uplifting flush of creativity of the 70’s and some of my most influential icons in both the music and fashion industry channel this look.


I adore the effortless styling and the extraordinary talents of layering of textures by Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch. Their looks can be very experimental but their inner tastes in aesthetic mean that they always put a very signature stamp on everything they wear.18838338_102092059628081314343_430427890_o

I enjoy the femininity of pink and crochet detailing is the perfect touch on the dress featured in this photo set. It is a little oversized and loose fitting yet still manages to keep a-line skater shape. It has a halterneck tie at the top which means that you can adjust it accordingly.

I am wearing it with a necklace from Goddess Provisions and a flower crown. Though, I always found flower crowns a bit cringy in the past (the ultimate wannabe hippy festival look) I have grown to love them today. I have subsequently ordered about 15 more because I have a spending problem and severe lack of will power. No regrets.18838658_10209205963368145_4343506139584_oThis outfit would look perfect with naturally wavy flowing hair, natural makeup and black studded ankle boots. Oddly, I only ever wear ankle boots with dresses like this. They really help to keep the look consistent but also quite edgy, bordering on the slight ‘rocker’ feel.

I now want this dress in white and am eager to search for the perfect wide brim fedora. If anyone knows where to find one which is not a floppy fedora, that would be greatly appreciated.


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