I am absolutely in awe of makeup and hair looks of the 1950s-1960s, for this is why my go-to makeup is always heavily inspired by those decades. Also surprisingly, I find this makeup look is exceedingly quick to complete so follow my 1950s makeup guide to have a flawless face in just 15 minutes.

  1. Prepare skin by washing face with warm water and a moisturising facial scrub which will open and clear pours. Once this is complete, wash face again with cold water and pat face dry with a soft towel.
  2. Add moisturiser, toner or cleanser if necessary. I recommend Clinique for those with sensitive skin. But please remember, the key to great skin is due to diet and water intake.
  3. A mistake many individuals make is to go to heavy on the skin makeup. I have been at fault of this over the years. However, I now only wear concealer and I must say, it has made my skin look better than ever. Embrace the skins natural tones, freckles and beauty spots! I add a touch of concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes, though touch wood, I have been lucky.
  4. I then proceed to add a flush of blusher on the cheeks in a pink rose colour.
  5. I then go to either my naked 3 palette or small handheld Ted Baker eyeshadow palette and apply the palest shade across the entity of my eyelid as a base shade. I then use a taupe colour for the crease and under the eye, focusing on the corner of my eye to really widen the eye.
  6. I then use a shimmer eyeshadow across the whole of the eyelid before doing a winged liner. I would say practice makes perfect. I’m blessed with a high art ability and a steady hand but I know many are not. Think of it as a technical drawing. Create an angle, then fill in the black. If you want more guidance, I can provide an illustrated tutorial on winged eyeliner tips! Then add a light coating of your favourite mascara, my top favourites are dior, benefit and lancome!
  7. Lastly, I add lipstick and done!